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Nov 23

She: Contact

She didn’t know how long she stood there, frozen. Time seemed to stand still while her mind struggled with, rejected, tried to explain away, what her eyes saw. A cold weight had formed in the pit of her stomach, sending tendrils of shivering gooseflesh outward along her limbs. A loud crackling squawk shattered the silence …

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Nov 18

He: Crew

He watched dispassionately as the skinny adolescent vomited forth a great quantity of light amber fluid. The young man — almost a boy, really — convulsed violently as he retched, almost to the point where the man watching him thought he might snap his spine with his seizing. Was that a thing? Was that something …

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Nov 04

He: Shorn

Each scrape of the razor’s edge sent more of the soft dense cloud of dark hair to the tiled floor. When he was reaping swaths of it from around his head, bunched up in a mahogany fist, all he felt was a slight tugging sensation. He preferred the feel of the cool blade against his …

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Oct 21

He: Awareness

His dark skin stood out like shadow against the pristine white walls of the corner he’d crawled over to. The gel on his flesh and in his hair had crusted into a pale orange as it dried out, flaking off any time he made any small movement. His breathing had gradually slowed from its shuddering …

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