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Feb 03

Chief: Rendezvous

The girl’s words echoed through the corridors. Chief stopped short, and Kid almost bumped into him. A warm flash of irritation ran through him and he gave the young man a shove, sending him stumbling back towards Red. “What the hell?” The big man caught him and glared at Chief. “Be careful,” Chief snapped. “Was …

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Dec 02

Chief: Searching

Chief led the way out of the central room with confidence, his gait strong and natural, his gaze fixed on some point ahead. He pulled the jumpsuit he wore up over his upper body as he walked, zipping it up to his neck. Red followed behind, still unsteady on his feet. Kid hustled to keep …

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Nov 18

He: Crew

He watched dispassionately as the skinny adolescent vomited forth a great quantity of light amber fluid. The young man — almost a boy, really — convulsed violently as he retched, almost to the point where the man watching him thought he might snap his spine with his seizing. Was that a thing? Was that something …

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